Onboarding & Free Trials

Onboarding & Free Trials

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About Hellohire

Hellohire is a virtual interview platform that helps recruiters and employers conduct initial interviews with job applicants.


Awareness of trial state
Free trials were not visible to users. Communication was being managed by the sales and support teams. Customers were often unaware specifically when their trials would end.

Hellohire wanted to start low-touch trial sign ups that would not be as actively managed by the team.

We needed the platform to take on more of the lift for communicating the trail state and providing next steps on how to upgrade, which as the time this was introduced was not possible in the platform and required a member of the Hellohire team to set up a subscription and payment link.

New user onboarding
Onboarding and new user training was inconsistent. Some accounts received custom training for their team and a live platform tour and, and some received much less depending on how thin the Hellohire team was stretched and projected account value.

Even for high-value accounts, if new users joined the account later, they might not receive the same level of support and training as users who were there when the account was set up.


Banner showing trial state

We created a persistent banner to let users know they are in a free trial and how much time is remaining. To indicate urgency of an upgrade decision, the banner showed in 3 colors depending on the amount of time remaining in the trial: a variant of the main brand color when the trial started, yellow with 7 days remaining, and red when the trial ended.

Email sequence

An email sequence was also built, sending when a trial was started, 7 days remaining, the day before the end of the trial, and when the trial ended.

Onboarding video — in-platfrom and in welcome email

A platform training video shown to all users in a modal the first time they log into Hellohire, and repayable at any time from "Help" in the top menu. I created the video, including all visual assets, screen recording, animation, voice over, and editing.

The in-platform "Help" menu item was also new, with the options to access the Help Center articles, or replay the onboarding video.